We are all familiar with the feeling of feeling excited and giddy when we were kids. But now that there’s a mandate of self-isolation during the spread of coronavirus, organizing for a birthday party has been changed. If you want to know some tips about this, keep on reading below: 

Play traditional party games 

All of us love birthday party games when we were kids—from pin the tail on the donkey to musical statues, trip to Jerusalem, and more. All of such could be recreated easily at home without needing to go outside to get more party supplies. Prepping the games together with the birthday kid in advance will also give another crafty and fun alternative to heading outside and risking yourselves.  

Think about online party entertainers 

Nowadays, a lot of party entertainers are providing the idea and open to hosting interactive virtual birthday bash that involves disco lights, music, and entertainment. Basically, the parties for this are shorter. However, they surely offer a reasonable and cheaper alternative for those who would like not to give their own party entertainment.  

Host a virtual birthday party 

During this ongoing pandemic, you can be creative with your birthday parties. In fact, you can have it through a video call as you invite and gather all of your kid’s friends to watch them blow out their candles and sing happy birthday. There are a lot of options you can use and select from, such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, House Party, and more. As soon as you’re done setting up the party, you may send the link to those who you want to invite. Take note that you should instruct everybody to clink it at least ten minutes before the virtual birthday party starts since they might have to install the software.  

Fill your yard and house with wonderful party decorations 

Even if you can’t make your decorated party venue as elaborate as before, you can still make your house feel and look totally different during the special day of your child. You may resort to making flags, paperchains, or other homemade decorations and decorate in your garden or inside your house. If you don’t have any idea how to step up your home party decoration, you may research video tutorials on DIY balloon kits using brightly-colored balloons and how to make it look like they are professionally made or you can simply hire a balloon decoration service today. If interested, you may contact us today for you to be immediately assisted.  

Purchase food supplies, cards, and presents in advance 

Limited food, closed shops, and delayed postal times means that you need to order cards and presents at least 10 days before the birthday party from online shops. Moreover, you should begin to shop for the birthday cake and food supplies at least 3 days early since it takes more than a single visit to obtain all that you need.