It doesn’t matter if you want the colors of your sign either stand out or blend on and if you utilize influential colors or not, there are some great basic colors you have to consider. In this article, we will be tackling some tips regarding the greatest color combinations and about color in general. Keep on reading and learn more:

Take advantage of an to learn more about the fundamentals of the color wheel

Once you get more familiar with the fundamentals of the color wheel, you can observe that the colors that sit directly opposite each other on it are known as the natural complements. Such include yellow with purple, orange with blue, and red with green. If you want a safer and more updated color combination that replicates the color wheel and allows you to easily select or spot color options, use a color calculator that is available on the internet now, which can be accessed and used for free. You can easily check which color complement best and which do not. Moreover, you can refer to gamer color values in RGB or CMYK if you want.

Do not use the reverse font or known as the knockout text

If you really want to use it, make sure to sparingly use it since there’s a chance that there won’t be any greater means of compromising readability. Sure, a black text on a white background could appear “cool” for you, however, you need to be cautious in selecting the type font you use for the sign. Moreover, guarantee to at least utilize a large font size if you really want to try the knockout text method.

Never utilize several colors in a single sign

You just have to select 1-2 colors and stick with them. If you put too many colors within one surface, distracting your readers from reading what’s the message of the sign. Just remember that your sign is not supposed to be a box of crayons.

Do not use the dark-colored font on backgrounds with dark colors

Though this is an easy tip and commonsensical, you would be shocked knowing how many signs are hanged all over any place with unreadable messages due to this mishap. Moreover, this also applies to light-colored fonts on backgrounds with light colors. If you do either of these, expect that your message will basically diminish.

Color is not perfect

Ultimately, remember that regardless of all the amazing innovation that can be accessed by print producers, end-users, and consumers today, it is not possible to obtain a precise match between what you see on your office computer monitor or on your home and what you can see once it’s a printed sign. This is because of the reason that “chromatic disconnect” is different yet usually comes about due to the variations between what you see on your monitor or screen (RGB) vs. the color that’s utilized for printing (CMYK). Just expect that what you see from the monitor won’t look similar to the one you print out.

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